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Oct 1, 2012 4:00pm PDT
. the ban expands again to cover all san francisco businesses. >> bikes on bart. there is a recent survey on allowing bicycles on rush hour, they will reveal the results of a recent pilot project to allow bikes on trains and so far, it seems commuters are split about the idea. >> cal train congestion ease aid bit after trains were put into office. >> two are brand new. cal train is rearranginging it's schedule to give greater flexibility and adding a stop for 12 limited service trains. this is in response to an increase in ridership. >> there is a boy for marisa myer and her husband he posted it on his twitter account saying his wife gave birth last night. the child's name has not been revealed yet. the 37-year-old took the helm of yahoo in july after leaving google in mountain view. the new mom plans to work from home for a period and possibly return in a week or two. >> one of the biggest names in social media is in moscow, mark zuckerberg met with russia's prime minister to discuss innovation in that country. and there is a one of the few countries where facebook is not the top social
Oct 4, 2012 4:00pm PDT
in oakland over an 18 hour period this week. >> and bart trains running on time this afternoon after a maintenance train and and and again, the trains are running on time this afternoon. >> more west nile virus news that is not good. there are five more birds and a chicken tested positive in five cities. the cities are discovery bay, brentwood, pleasant hill and walnut creek, vector control says the stifeling heat brings an increase in the mosquitoes that spread the virus. >> two people have tested positive this year. >> and there is a class action suit claims the fee is a tax and should require a two thirds vote from the legislature, governor brown calls it a fee to help with the budget deficit. >> and a group of people in the south bay is urging google to remove a video clip from you tube related to a film that is sparking violence around the globe. >> happening now in sharp contrast to violent protests around the world this peaceful demonstration in santa clara denounces an antiislam film made in the united states. these protestors are upset with google decision not to remove a vi
Oct 5, 2012 4:00pm PDT
abc 7 news to help you out. he can tell you bart rb running longer trains tomorrow and helping people and to golden gate park. rico saying that two wheels are better than four, in this case. three wheels. >> that is right. >> thank you very much. good luck tomorrow. >> leanne, you look comfortable there. thank you. >> and there is a right now driving up to a gas station, your iz are go tok pop out. there is serious sticker shock. gas prices jump bid more than 20 cents overnight in parts of the state this, is because of problems at refineries. the average price for a gallon of regular climbed to $4.60 this morning. and there is prices that are a bargain if you can believe it. >> there is just days ago, $4.29 would have been no big deal. today it's a good deal. sand gee willing to wait. >> to fill his gas tank its just a matter of we're just going to soak you a little bit more. you know? they don't care. >> prices have jumped, say experts because of a drop in supply and some people weren't buying that explanation. >> this is outrageous. i don't and am not sure what the reason is for tha
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3